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Blown away again.  Look at these setlists.  They also announced that they will be playing 3 nights at the Aragon Ballroom here in Chicago for NYE.  WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

08/25/07 Riverview Music Festival - Chicago, IL
I: Wife Soup> "Jimmy Stewart"> Wife Soup, JaJunk> Intentions Clear> JaJunk, Bad Poker^, Thin Air^^
II: The Crooked One> Tribute to the Spinal Shaft#> The Crooked One**, Pay The Snucka> Hangover> Pay The Snucka, Words
E: Let Me Go Home, Whiskey$, Wizard Burial Ground

^ with Mike Rackey on pedal steel and Cody Dickenson on washboard
^^  with Luther Dickenson on guitar
# with Nothing To Fancy tease
* Unfinished
$ with Nick Novach on harmonica and Mike Rackey on pedal steel

08/26/07 Riverview Music Festival - Chicago, IL
Dump City> 40's Theme, Atmosfarag> Phil's Farm*, Walking on the Moon^ > Front Porch^^
II: Bridgeless> 2x2, Padgett's Profile*> White Man's Moccasins, I Ran> Bridgeless
E: In The Kitchen**

* Unfinished; with Brendan on percussion
^ with Willy Waldman on trumpet
^^ with Jake on keys and Brendan on percussion
** with Brendan on percussion

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