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Cops kill cougar on Chicago's North Side.

Chicago Police Department officers work the scene Monday in an alley in the 3400 block of  North Hoyne Avenue, where a cougar was shot and killed.,1,3451941.story

^ There's the link to the story.

 First of all, I'd like to say that I am saddened that the Chicago Police Department shot and killed this beautiful animal.  They say it has been spotted in North Chicago, Wilmette, and last in the Roscoe Village neighborhood on Chicago's Northside and in the 2-3 days it has been roaming the area, it killed no one.  Never even an attempt to attack. 

The only reason this animal turned toward police in a manor that seemed like it might attack was b/c it was cornered, scared, and threatened.  Anyone or anything in that situation would have tried to protect itself.

This poor cougar was lost and a long way from the habitat that it is native, scared to death to be in an environment that is not filled with trees, animals, grass, and nature but instead filled with buildings, cars, trains, buses, and people.  This animal didnt want ANYTHING to do with the people.  It didnt really care either.  It really just wanted to get back to safety...a place where it can be a cougar. 

Sure, the police dont carry tranquilizer guns.  Understandable. But Animal Control does and the police shot it 7 times and killed it right in a back alley while Animal Control was en route.  They should have waited. 


Hopefully next time they will be more prepared.

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