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Life Lessons 101

Throughout my life, I have tried to pride myself on claiming to be a very selfless person.  Its something Ive said to people hoping to gain trust and get people to finally open up to me.  I am a nurturer.  I love taking care of people...but for some reason, nobody has ever really come to confide in me.  I realize now that its probably because I have pushed myself on people to the point where they really dont want to confide in me. 
This morning, much to my disbelief, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I am quite the opposite.  I am an extremely selfish person.  I crave to be that nurturer to the point of making people feel uncomfortable, angry, and smothered. I become offended when people would rather not talk about their problems.  I turn it into a situation about how they dont want to talk about their problems because its me that theyd be telling it toHonestly, isnt that me just being selfish?  Ive needed to wake up and smell the roses.  I NEED TO GET OVER MYSELF!!!!!!!!  There are times when I dont feel like talking to other people.  There are times when I would rather keep my problems to myself and just get over it and deal with it alone.  Its human nature and theres nothing wrong with it.  I know that.  But why is it that when other people want to just get through things alone, its not acceptible to me? 

i need to finish this later. 
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