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Toss Away Stuff That You Don't Need In The End [entries|friends|calendar]

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Life Lessons 101 [25 Sep 2008|10:53am]
[ mood | high ]

Throughout my life, I have tried to pride myself on claiming to be a very selfless person.  Its something Ive said to people hoping to gain trust and get people to finally open up to me.  I am a nurturer.  I love taking care of people...but for some reason, nobody has ever really come to confide in me.  I realize now that its probably because I have pushed myself on people to the point where they really dont want to confide in me. 
This morning, much to my disbelief, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I am quite the opposite.  I am an extremely selfish person.  I crave to be that nurturer to the point of making people feel uncomfortable, angry, and smothered. I become offended when people would rather not talk about their problems.  I turn it into a situation about how they dont want to talk about their problems because its me that theyd be telling it toHonestly, isnt that me just being selfish?  Ive needed to wake up and smell the roses.  I NEED TO GET OVER MYSELF!!!!!!!!  There are times when I dont feel like talking to other people.  There are times when I would rather keep my problems to myself and just get over it and deal with it alone.  Its human nature and theres nothing wrong with it.  I know that.  But why is it that when other people want to just get through things alone, its not acceptible to me? 

i need to finish this later. 

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[06 Jun 2008|12:50am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

 This week marked a very crazy weird week.  
It all started at the end of my work day on Sunday.  I had ordered my lunch to take home and went to pay for it.  Pretty normal procedure, right?  Well, I realized i was fumbling through my wallet....and there was no money in it.  I kept looking b/c for some reason it didnt hit me that my money was gone.  I then did a mental check of when the last time I saw the money was.  At first I thought it was the night before, right before we left for the Do Division Street Festival.  I had stood there for a minute debating whether or not I wanted to bring money.  I decided no and put my wallet back. 
Then I thought more and realized it was much more recent.  It was that morning when I was putting my license back into my wallet!  Someone stole my money!  Someone stole $150.00 from me!  I told my manager about it and he wrote up a report about it and had me tell the day manager the next day what happened and to check the cameras.  Not much else that could be done so I went home.

When I got home, Marty was practicing with the band, so I jumped in the shower and cleaned up a bit.  When he got done, I broke the news.  The reason I say it like that was b/c that part of my half of the rent that was stolen.  grrrr.  After a fun little cook out with the band, Marty and I got to talking about what happened.  I described the whole day.  Something weird had happened after my break.  I was feeling kinda crappy and sad when I came back, and this girl Ramona said "Hey Liz, come here.  Bring your bag.  Youve got 5 minutes. Youve got 5 minutes.  Come here I have to talk to you."  I wasnt sure why I was bringing my bag, but again, I was upset and not really thinking about it.  We searched for an open booth and talked for a second.  Then she said "Go in the bathroom and clean yourself up."  I went to lean down and grab my bag, and she said "Dont take your bag.  Aint nobody gonna touch it.  Ive got you."  So, I trusted her, and left it there.  Then after about a 5 minute talk in the bathroom, I went back to work.  

After telling Marty this, we feared that my money was stolen in the dining area.....where there are no cameras.  I fucked up.  We talked about this and the lesson to be learned from it, a) never leave your purse in a dining area (which I knew and wouldnt have normally done) and b) never carry more money on you than you need for that day.  I never really worried about the amount of money I was carrying on me before.  But now I knew how careless and pointless it was.  We finished up the conversation then layed down and fell asleep.

This is where it gets crazy.

Monday morning.
I go into work like its any other day.  Go to clock in.  Ramona says "Hi Liz.  How was your night?"  I say "Ive had better."  Then she said "Oh, youre acting strange now?" And this struck me as strange in itself.  She was talking a lot and asking a lot of questions.  I just went on with my business and went to get a drawer.  I told the manager about how I think someone stole $150. from me the day before and to view the tapes.  He wasnt sure whether he could do that or if he had to have his boss do it, so he told me he'd definitely look into it and make some phone calls.  I thanked him and started my work.  
Ramona was a nervous wreck, I dont think she thought it was obvious, but it was.  Like I said before, just talking too much and asking too many questions when I warned people that someone stole money out of my wallet.  I never said who, I just let them know it happened.  She said started inquiring about that immediately.  She asked what I talked to the manager about.  I said I told him to check the tapes and blah blah blah.  Then shit started getting weird.
She told me that everyone on the line was angry at me because the tapes were being viewed and some people were in danger of losing their job if the DM saw they were taking food without paying.  She then told me that those people in danger of losing their job were gonna pull together to pay me my 150 back if i say the money was found and to stop the tape.  Well...I didnt want people losing their job over this....so I agreed and told my manager just that.

About an hour later, David told me I had a phone call.  His boss was on the other line asking me standard questions like "what did the purse look like?  What did the wallet look like?"  and all that.  I described it, apparently exactly.  He then said, "Ok, you need to be honest....someone definitely stole your money.  We have it on tape and can see it clear as day."  I told him what happened.  Then I gave the phone back to the manager and went back to an even more nervous Ramona.  "YOU SAID I DID IT!  EVERYONE HEARD YOU SAY MY NAME OVER AND OVER!  I DIDNT TAKE NO DAMN MONEY.  WHY'D YOU SAY I DID IT."  She convinced me long ago she did it, but this just confirmed it.  It confirmed it to not only me, but everyone working that day.  I eventually ignored it.  Soon enough, I heard the managers keep telling people "we cant get into the office right now."  And I stopped seeing Ramona as well.  I never put two and two together.  She was caught.  Told she must pay me back and never return to that store again.

Later on, on the way home, I told Marty all about it on the bus.  He said "Liz, she took you for a ride.  She told you to take your purse just to set it up to make it look like thats where it was taken. Sounds to me like shes done this before as well."  

My god.  What a weird weird occurance.  Theres nothing more yucky feeling than what it feels like when you know someone uninvitedly went through your stuff and took it from you.  blah.

well, shes supposed to pay me by tomorrow.  then it'll be over.  

well, im gonna chill for a bit.  just wanted to share my crazy days. :)


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R.I.P Dr. Albert Hoffman [30 Apr 2008|02:10pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


Father of LSD takes final trip.

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Breathe... [24 Apr 2008|06:59pm]
[ mood | irie ]

Its 7:00pm here in Chicago.
It's a beautiful 78 degrees.
Yeah, sure its raining, but it'll tell you what...the smell of the spring rain is intoxicating.  
Its definitely one of my favorite smells.
Its one of those things that make me smile and remind me that i'm alive. :)

Pants is at a client.  Im just chillin watching some teevee.  
I think im gonna go do some of that chillin now...i just wanted to share. 

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Cops kill cougar on Chicago's North Side. [16 Apr 2008|03:53pm]
[ mood | irie ]

Chicago Police Department officers work the scene Monday in an alley in the 3400 block of  North Hoyne Avenue, where a cougar was shot and killed.


^ There's the link to the story.

 First of all, I'd like to say that I am saddened that the Chicago Police Department shot and killed this beautiful animal.  They say it has been spotted in North Chicago, Wilmette, and last in the Roscoe Village neighborhood on Chicago's Northside and in the 2-3 days it has been roaming the area, it killed no one.  Never even an attempt to attack. 

The only reason this animal turned toward police in a manor that seemed like it might attack was b/c it was cornered, scared, and threatened.  Anyone or anything in that situation would have tried to protect itself.

This poor cougar was lost and a long way from the habitat that it is native, scared to death to be in an environment that is not filled with trees, animals, grass, and nature but instead filled with buildings, cars, trains, buses, and people.  This animal didnt want ANYTHING to do with the people.  It didnt really care either.  It really just wanted to get back to safety...a place where it can be a cougar. 

Sure, the police dont carry tranquilizer guns.  Understandable. But Animal Control does and the police shot it 7 times and killed it right in a back alley while Animal Control was en route.  They should have waited. 


Hopefully next time they will be more prepared.

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Instant Karma's gonna get you... [13 Apr 2008|07:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

and it has too.  Everything has been breaking on me today.
I am now feeling the reprocussions of my anger and what happens when i dont think before acting.
I accidentally broke something thats kinda expensive on Pants today in a fight. 
Now, EVERYTHING is breaking on me.  First it was the zipper on my coat.  It started coming undone from the bottom as I was unzippering from the top and the zipper fell right off in my hand.  ok, so i had it coming.
Then, I try to melt the spilt wax out of a hanging tealight candle holder we have and the hot water must have melted the glue to the door on it and it fell off as i was hanging the holder back on the wall.  
Ok, now this is getting ridiculous.
But still...it must have been Karma.

Pants is a fucking saint.  After everything was said and done, he looked at me and said "I'm really unhappy about it...but hopefully now this will teach you just what happens when you throw things when angry without thinking about what youre doing first.  Hopefully it'll make you realize the reprocussions of your actions."  Out of all of it, he found a way to be calm with me and try to make a life lesson out of it.  No wonder I love him so much.   Lesser people would have thrown me to the curb 9 months ago.  Marty sees something in me.  I dont know what it is...but he sees it and hasnt given up on me.  He knows that, yeah, im going through a really rough time and consequently dragging him through the mud while doing it...but that i'm gonna get it together and we're going to be great.

Ive got to learn to deal with my worries and problems in a better way.

Well, Marty's at band practice tonight.  His band has a show at Wise Fools Pub here in Chicago on Saturday April 19 (if you live in the area....check them out...they are Fifth World *end of shameless plug*).  I think I'm just gonna chill and unwind for awhile.


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[ mood | calm ]

Heath Ledger dead at 28.

really sucks.  he was a fantastic actor. they all go too young.

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Langerado 2008 Lineup [13 Nov 2007|11:18am]
[ mood | calm ]

6th Annual Langerado Music Festival
March 6-9, 2008
Big Cypress Indian Reservation
South Florida Everglades

R.E.M.Beastie BoysPhil Lesh & Friends311 • Matisyahu • Thievery CorporationThe Roots • Gov't Mule • Ani DiFrancoBen Folds • G. Love & Special Sauce • Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood • Built to Spill • The National • Les ClaypoolUmphrey's McGeeThe Disco BiscuitsMickey Hart Band • of Montreal • Robert Randolph & the Family BandThe Wailersfunky Meters • Citizen Cope • Antibalas • !!! • Dark Star OrchestraOzomatli • Sam Bush • Minus the Bear • Ghostland Observatory • Arrested Development • Blind Melon • Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars • The New DealBenevento Russo DuoPerpetual GrooveRailroad EarthMartin Sexton • The Avett Brothers • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals • The Walkmen • Dr. Dog • Indigenous • State Radio • Vampire Weekend • The Bad Plus • The Felice Brothers • Pelican • Yard Dogs Road Show • Brett Dennen • Earl Greyhound • The New Mastersounds • Dan Deacon • Josh Ritter • Pete Francis • Ryan Shaw • Blitzen Trapper • matt pond PA • The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker • Bassnectar • Balkan Beat Box • The Lee Boys • Shout Out Louds • Golem • The Wood Brothers • Busdriver • Raq • Will Hoge • Spam Allstars • Phix • American Babies • The Heavy Pets • Backyard Tire Fire • The Postmarks • Steel Train • Hoots and Hellmouth • Jonah Smith • Pnuma Trio • Awesome New Republic • That 1 Guy • Trevor Hall • American Bang • School of Rock All-Stars •

Tickets go on sale November 16th.

Goddamn this looks awesome.  Are we going to be able to go to Langerado and leave straight from Florida to go to Amsterdam for Jam in the Dam?  I dont know, but my fingers are crossed.

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beauty. [05 Nov 2007|11:55pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I absolutely love watching him sleep.

It is the epitame of beauty.

i think its time to do just that...sleep.


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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [18 Sep 2007|07:26pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Har har me mateys! Tomorrow be National Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Don't ye be forgettin' yer true pirate spirit! Make sure ye celebrate like we pirates would! Yar!!!!

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weeeee..... [14 Sep 2007|05:00pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

PS: Chicago is amazing. Marty( aliveone76) is amazing.  There isnt a day that goes by that he doesnt tell me that I'm beautiful.  :)  Things are fantastic.  There are some things that still need a little work, but what doesnt?  Maybe one of these days I'll post some pictures or something.

well, i think its time to just chill a little bit and read before Martypants gets home.  

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UMPHREEEEEEEEY'S!!!! [28 Aug 2007|06:21pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Blown away again.  Look at these setlists.  They also announced that they will be playing 3 nights at the Aragon Ballroom here in Chicago for NYE.  WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

08/25/07 Riverview Music Festival - Chicago, IL
I: Wife Soup> "Jimmy Stewart"> Wife Soup, JaJunk> Intentions Clear> JaJunk, Bad Poker^, Thin Air^^
II: The Crooked One> Tribute to the Spinal Shaft#> The Crooked One**, Pay The Snucka> Hangover> Pay The Snucka, Words
E: Let Me Go Home, Whiskey$, Wizard Burial Ground

^ with Mike Rackey on pedal steel and Cody Dickenson on washboard
^^  with Luther Dickenson on guitar
# with Nothing To Fancy tease
* Unfinished
$ with Nick Novach on harmonica and Mike Rackey on pedal steel

08/26/07 Riverview Music Festival - Chicago, IL
Dump City> 40's Theme, Atmosfarag> Phil's Farm*, Walking on the Moon^ > Front Porch^^
II: Bridgeless> 2x2, Padgett's Profile*> White Man's Moccasins, I Ran> Bridgeless
E: In The Kitchen**

* Unfinished; with Brendan on percussion
^ with Willy Waldman on trumpet
^^ with Jake on keys and Brendan on percussion
** with Brendan on percussion

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and this song too... [20 Aug 2007|08:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I feed from the bottom, you feed from the top
I live upon morsels you happen to drop
And coffee that somehow leaks out of your cup
If nothing comes down then I'm forced to swim up
On the way upwards, the colors come back
But all along the bottom is blue, grey, and black
The darkness is cold and perception goes wrong
And the night seems to go on incredibly long

So I ask you why if I'm swimming by,
Don't you see anything you'd like to try?

Pantomime mixtures of heaven and earth
Jumbled events that have less than no worth
Time in the forest to dig under rocks
Or float in the ocean asleep in a box

Or sink just below all the churning and froth
And swim to the light source or fly like a moth
So toss away stuff you don't need in the end
But keep what's important and know who's your friend

So I ask you why if I'm swimming by,
Don't you see anything that you'd like to try?

If I'm swimming by

From the bottom, from the top ( x 8 )

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god i love this song... [20 Aug 2007|08:08pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Much ado is all I see
And feel like it's surrounding me
The crowd intrudes all day
'Til I'm finally swept away

I'm finally swept away
I'm finally swept away
I'm finally swept away
I'm finally swept away
I'm finally swept away
I'm finally swept away

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Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener.... [10 Aug 2007|11:15am]
[ mood | amused ]

And in some local news this morning.... 
Cop writes a ticket for giant sausage

hahahaha.  hilarious.  I love this city more and more each day. <3

oh yeah, btw...I'm quite possibly relocating to Chicago.  Exciting.  You bet your sweet ass it is.  

Theres just so much to see and do, its crazy.  I still wanna visit Wrigley Field (with any luck we will be when Umphrey's sings the National Anthem at a Cubbies game), and REALLY want to see Cloud Gate up close.  We drove by it, but I didnt get to actually experience it.  Ive seen pictures of it at night with the skyline lit up reflecting in it.....it just looks amazing.  I hope I get to.  

Welp, looks like its lunchtime.


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My Grass is Blue! [21 Jul 2007|05:07pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Sittin' in a 747 just watching them clouds roll by,
Can't tell if it's sunshine or if it's rain.
Rather be sittin' in a deck chair high above Kansas City,
On a genuine old fashioned steam powered aero plane.

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There's safety in numbers...but I'm not impressed [10 Jul 2007|10:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Lost in a circle no window to find
A casual view in
Could not reveal mine
There's safety in numbers
but I'm not impressed
A prayer for the taken
It comes down to this
It's cold inside
There's a ghost in waiting
I am always inclined to believe what I've seen
The story was right
Thought I might get it wrong
I promised to try but I still can't remember why

Remind me why I'm here again
Assemble me and all my plans
Be sure to read them well, so you can tell
Will you be the one to tell me wrong
When I feel so right about the reasons why we get along
Cause the years are long
Can't let time just drift away
Say everything I was meant to say and get to the point
to freak you out without a doubt
It all comes down to this

Will you lend your mind when I get dark
A flash of reason, just a spark
To bring me back again, my only friend
Please let me pass before you leave
Cause I don't want to make believe that you're not here with me
Cause you freaked me out, without a doubt
It all comes down to this

There's safety in numbers
But I'm not impressed
A prayer for the taken
It comes down to this

It all comes down to this

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HOORAY! [06 Jul 2007|06:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I just filmed Roxy eating a rat! I love my camera! <3 =]

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What a fantabulous night... [04 Jul 2007|05:18am]
[ mood | high ]

Bean and I need to do this more often. I rather enjoyed myself!!!!

Though, if I do this more often...it could become a habit.

oh well....I still liked it anyway. =)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope you all have a very very safe and happy Independence Day filled with much love, booze, happiness, and FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all.

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THEY'RE BAAAAAAAACKK! [29 Jun 2007|08:36pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

more to come.

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