Thoughts... (kyndirishfairy) wrote,

Instant Karma's gonna get you...

and it has too.  Everything has been breaking on me today.
I am now feeling the reprocussions of my anger and what happens when i dont think before acting.
I accidentally broke something thats kinda expensive on Pants today in a fight. 
Now, EVERYTHING is breaking on me.  First it was the zipper on my coat.  It started coming undone from the bottom as I was unzippering from the top and the zipper fell right off in my hand.  ok, so i had it coming.
Then, I try to melt the spilt wax out of a hanging tealight candle holder we have and the hot water must have melted the glue to the door on it and it fell off as i was hanging the holder back on the wall.  
Ok, now this is getting ridiculous.
But must have been Karma.

Pants is a fucking saint.  After everything was said and done, he looked at me and said "I'm really unhappy about it...but hopefully now this will teach you just what happens when you throw things when angry without thinking about what youre doing first.  Hopefully it'll make you realize the reprocussions of your actions."  Out of all of it, he found a way to be calm with me and try to make a life lesson out of it.  No wonder I love him so much.   Lesser people would have thrown me to the curb 9 months ago.  Marty sees something in me.  I dont know what it is...but he sees it and hasnt given up on me.  He knows that, yeah, im going through a really rough time and consequently dragging him through the mud while doing it...but that i'm gonna get it together and we're going to be great.

Ive got to learn to deal with my worries and problems in a better way.

Well, Marty's at band practice tonight.  His band has a show at Wise Fools Pub here in Chicago on Saturday April 19 (if you live in the area....check them out...they are Fifth World *end of shameless plug*).  I think I'm just gonna chill and unwind for awhile.

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